Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Could I get some advice? I am retiring in 5 days from teaching school for 29 years. Would you please help me with a decision?
I have painted many red birds, all because of the legacy of my mother and my sweet Aunt Nell. They loved cardinals, and wore a lot of red in their lifetime. Now, I've inherited this love as well! To recognize this remarkable change in my life and to demonstrate my love of the cardinal and honor my mother and Aunt Nell, what do you think about this?
All of my paintings created after retirement will be signed "Cardinal" instead of Kathy Bunn. Please let me know your thoughts..............I only have 5 days!

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jan said...

No!!! The people who buy your paintings will not have the same connection to that word that you do. Maybe you can hide the word or a mini-cardinal in the painting. Years from now, folks will want to know who did the painting!

Love you,